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Realities of working in an office

Monday, 18 September 2017

I've been working in an office for a little over three years now, and there are some things you need to know. If you've been blessed with an office job I'm sure you'll relate the the below! Of course there are perks, you can wear what you want, you can dress up, or down, fancy office wear is always cute. I love being able to have hot chocolates at my desk.

Some people think they can wear tiny little dresses, and they'll have a ball of a time. No, no, it can be horrible at times.

However what are the realities ...

- Snacking is horrendous
Oh god, I've never snacked on crap so much in my life? All I can think of when I'm at work is my next meal, my next bit of food. It's so bad, it just consumes my mind. I've made a rule now, no food at my desk (unless I take my lunch there) it has helped a lot. 

- People bitch
Ahh one thing I'll never get used to is people bitching, never about me, but always to me about others. I for one hate bitching, it's unnecessary, just say it to their face if you have a problem. I just tend to try and avoid these types of convos is possible! 

- Air con is your worst nightmare 
Bring your cardigan, scarf and hot water bottle. I'm not joking, I have a mini one in my drawer at work as they seem to keep the air con on until the end of October, like guys, you see it's nearly snowing outside? It's so bad, so be prepared. 

- You live for your coffee break
I didn't drink a lot of coffee before my office job, but now I'm a coffee lover. I started getting headaches a few months back so I'm actually on decaf now but I still count down the minuets until my next cuppa. 

- Lunch time isn't long enough 
Lunch is always over too soon. You've just heated up your food and it's 1:45 like what? It's good because you're closed to going home, but also, FOOD TIME?! 

- 3pm you're get ready to go home 
When to spoke 3pm on the clock, I'm ready. I slowly start packing my stuff away, get my afternoon tea/ coffee and start allocating peoples work for the next. I do this slowly, and drag that time out as much as possible. 

- You'll put on weight 
I managed to put on two stone since getting an office job. I worked as waitress and a shop after that so I was always on my feet. Around the time I got my first office job I also passed my driving test, that didn't help either. I've combated that with a little more strict diet, and I workout 3/4 times a week to make sure I don't turn in to a lump in my chair. 

Make-up picks this autumn

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

As you may, may not have heard, I'm ready for autumn. I am a huge believer in the dark lips, and cosy nights. I pretty much layer my clothes all year round, however it's now time to pull out the ankle boots and purchase a new scarf. 

I though I'd share with you some of the make-up products I won't be putting down this season. I've only got four, but I'm sure a few more will end up in my current make-up bag by the end of October. 

NYX soft matte cream in shade Abu Dhabi 

I picked this up when I want to IMATS with Amy this year, and I've been in love ever since. I'm thinking of picking a few more up around Christmas because they're so versatile so really easy to wear.This shade because it's very subtle, but at the same time (somehow) really dark. It's just so easy  to wear with pretty much any eye shadow colour. It works so easily. 

Freedom pro lipstick in shade Nior 

Freedom is a brand I've only recently come across. It's in Superdrug and it's so affordable! I buy my eye brow gel from them and it's lasted me forever. This particular shade is gorgeous it's really, really dark, nearly black but has a beautiful purple tint. It's a full on look, but it's so easily to pull of with a flick of liner. 

Urban Decay vice mega matte lipstick in Hex 

This is one of those lipstick I bought, but never wore. 

This year it's in my make-up back and it'll make it out in to the world a lot more. It's such a beautiful colour, and a beautiful finish. I'm not normally in to matte products, but this stays on for such a long time. It's perfect for meals out, or just a nice little date night. 

Milani naked blush in shade Dolce Pink (1)

Along side dark lips you need a blush to give some life to your face. As someone who fits the shade 001 I do anyway! I love this blush, it's so pretty, and has a slight shimmer too. I haven't used another blushers since buying this. My poor others being pushed aside but honestly, it's beautiful. 

I hope you're as excited for me for Autumn. It feels like only a few months ago I was tying to make Chai lattes at home with some tea bags. 

I'm ready for Autumn now...

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Firstly, just a note. When creating this little collage I used my old Polyvore account, I tried to change the name and it saved before I could check - hence basicallsoh (oh god) but I've just started a fresh new one over here, BasicallySophie so expect some more of these! 

I just wanted to say as well, I've just got a new header from the amazing gal Katie and It's given me a spurt of motivation to get back on my blog, and write about the things I love. (It's been a while) I used to love sitting there and creating collages of outfits I wanted, or a style I wanted to try. I get no everyone likes to read them, but I want to make my blog a bit more for me, so I can be more of the person I want to be. - Of course, I hope you enjoy too!

So are you ready for Autumn, or are you a summer kind of girl?

I personally am not a fan of the sun, one of the only things I like about the warmer weather is picnics. No-one ever wants to go with me, so the summer isn't on my favourite lists of things. I personally love the rain, the cold, and being all snuggled up in side. I wait all year for the heat to flee so I can crack out my hot chocolates, fluffy socks, and spend my weekends in the dressing gown.

It's the dream.

I rarely actually buy new clothes, due to my lack of funds, saving and the how expensive the world is. This year I am going to buy myself at least one new jumpers. My current ones have all gone misshaped (thanks Primark) or they've gone bobbly, and they just aren't soft and cosy anymore. I've found some decent priced one about, and they're all to snug looking!

Personally my favourite is the pink, white and grey one from SHEIN.COM and it's under £20. I've never bought from this site, but it's looking like a winner from me.

Preparing your skin for colder weather.

Friday, 25 August 2017

I know, I know, it's not getting that cold yet, but you need to make-up sure you're ready for when the brittleness of winter hits.

Around the end of August is the perfect time to start trying / testing products ready for autumn / winter, in my opinion. I've found my perfect little gang of skincare. I do use the same face oils, and eye creams pretty much every year. I sometimes switch it up a little but If you know what works for you, go with it.

Of course as a blogger it's great to try new things, but when you've found the right combo sometimes you need to tell yourself no.

Finding a skin oil 

This does depend on your skin type. 

I have dry skin, therefor skin oil is essential for me. I can't believe I used to live without it.  

I do have two, but they're both from Dr Botanicals and I honestly hadn't heard of this brand until they contacted me last year, but ever since, they're been my go-to for skincare! This skin oil just really gets to the deeper layers of my skin, and leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated. 

I just think it's really important 

Perfecting an eye cream 

Eye cream isn't something I ever thought about. It's so important for keeping the skin round your eyes on point. I have tried a few, one of my favouries is the Superdrug Vitamin E, Vitamin E from The Body Shop and also new one I picked up from Estee Lauder. 

I make sure I apply this morning and night, and honestly, it makes such a difference. 

The importance of moisturiser  

I always thought that if you had oily skin you didn't use moisturiser, and if you had dry skin, you did. I learn that was all wrong when I was at college. You still need to care for your skin whatever skin type you may have. 

I personally use rich, heavy moisturisers, but you can buy all times. Have a look round and see what you can find. Research is always good.

I hope you found this helpful. I am on sorting my skin out this year. 

Money sucks.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

This may seem a bit of a random post, but it's how I'm feeling. 

I play sims a lot, at least once a day for about an hour, if not more. I always make them work super hard so they can afford the best life. I can really get me down when I think about my own life. How do I make more money, how do I work harder, and what do I work harder in? 

I want to go back to school, I want to study more, I want to go to university. I see my boyfriend thriving in life, each year comes a pay rise, his weekends are filled with studying but he's constantly moving forwards. I want to be doing this! 

I have a lump of debt, and it can really get me down. I'm never going to pay it off unless I get a better job, but I cant really do that without university, seeing as I want to be a primary teacher. I cannot afford university therefore it's a struggle. It's like a horrible circle. I'm stuck and I don't know how to get out. 

Every month I say I'll do nothing and save / pay things off. I get so depressing being stuck at home, another horrible circle again. I know you can do things for free, but when you don't have a car not a lot is free. 

When I finish my time in Wiltshire the only way I can see a way out of this is to move back in with my nan, it's literally the only way. When I'm paying over £450 in bills a month how am I ever mean to pay this off? It's never gong to happen. 

That's starts a whole new thing. I've lived with my boyfriend for going on three years, so that will be horrible, being without him. Then there's the cost of travelling to see him. Life sucks sometimes. 

Sorry to moan, I'm just have hard time with all that at the moment. 

HOME | Dream Decor #Up Stairs

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

You can never dream too big, what would be without dreams? If you put the work in your dreams will be in sight, not out of reach. 

If you haven't already, take a look at my previous post to see my dream house stairs. I split this in to two post, because it was going to be way too long otherwise! Of course, I may live in a flat, but you catch my drift. Here's the bedroom, bathroom and office decor I dream of in my own home. 

My bedroom will most likely be something that my boyfriend will get to decorate, and choose  the theme etc, however if it was up to me, here's what I would do. 

I'd keep it clean. I love plain, white/ pastel bedrooms. I would have white bedding, with a cool toned colour, maybe a warm brown, or dusty pink blanket and pillows. I would spend money on the bed, the mattress is so important. If you don't have a good nights sleep, your day won't be good. 

I hate dark colours, I find it gets me really down, so I want night bright open spaces. hopefully we'd have large windows, some open shelves would be nice, it would make the room feel bigger too. I would love some sort of little wooden table next to my bed, just for a lamp and enough space for a book, and a cup of water.

Bathrooms aren't something I dream of decorating, however I would go similar to the kitchen in that I would like it to look really raw, and everything be stand alone. I want the bath tub in the left picture, I love those types of baths and If I can afford one, I'm getting it. I just love how old they look, and they're just gorgeous as baths go. 

So this room is a unrealistic dream. I don't really need an office, but how cool would it be? I would die for one the open tables, just really simple and basic. I'd of course needs some stationary organizers, and maybe a postit board? or a dream board? It would be so inspiring. 

I could have room with my make-up drawers in, and ideally they'd be full. In reality we wouldn't have a spare room, and if we did, it would be the pigs room!

Fingers crossed that my future self gets the dream home.

Trying some faux mink lashes | KISS LASH COUTURE

Saturday, 5 August 2017

I don't usually wear fake lashes, but I think they look absolutely beautiful.

I was so excited when Danielle contacted me to ask if I wanted a sample of the KISS - Lash Couture faux mink lashes. I wish I was a little bit better at applying them, but it all comes with time, and practice. My friend Amy wears Mink lashes, which I don't agree with, however they look amazing so when I caught sight of faux ones, well, I couldn't not. 

How beautiful are these?

So these are the midnight lashes, and they are so beautiful. I felt like when I had these on they really opened, and elongated my eyes. I would 100% reach for these for a night out for some drinks, or even maybe a meal out? They might be a bit much for a meal out, but you can never over dress right. 

The length is pretty good, I didn't have to trim off half the lash. I had to take a little bit off the ends, but it didn't affect the overall look. They do look obviously fake, but they are stick on. I get the whole 'natural' look however lets me real, if it's not part of you it always looks fake. - We all love fake now-a-days!

I would buy these myself, because they just made my eyes looks amazing. I would have a photo showing them on me, but me being a terrible blogger forgot to take a photo. 

Thanks for reading oxo